For schools

From April to October Malkia Park is open for organized visits of school trips, holiday camps and other children’s groups.


In Malkia Park, as part of organized school visits or school trips, it is possible to enter the park alone or to enter the park with the possibility of buying food for ungulates and waterfowl, or it is possible to order a guided tour of the park or lunch in the bistro (pre-arranged lunch menu).

April - October

Except on Mondays, when Malkia Park is closed, we organise organised visits:

school trips
holiday camps and other children's groups (10 or more people aged between 3 and 18 years)

Possibility to buy food for ungulates and waterfowl

Possibility of ordering a guided tour of the park

Possibility to order lunch


Learn about the life and biology of wild carnivores with Malkia Park. Educational posters and infographics with interesting facts about the most feared predators of our planet will interest not only children, but also adults and will enliven every science lesson.

School vocational training

Secondary school and college students can gain practical experience that will help them better understand their fields of study and contribute to their personal and professional growth. School apprenticeship at Malkia Park is a great opportunity….

Price list

Child 3-18 years

Children up to 3 years of age have free admission

8 €

Teaching assistant

2 teachers / 10 children free entry

11 €


Up to 25 persons

20 €


For ungulates

1 €



1 €


We provide except July, August and weekends

8 €


If you are interested in visiting Malkia Park for organised school trips, holiday camps and other children’s groups (10 or more people aged 3 to 18), please contact us by email at .

Reservation of the date of the visit to Malkia Park is binding only after written confirmation from our side, where we will specify the date and time of the visit. If you are interested in lunch, we will also specify the menu and the specific time of lunch.

Payment is possible in cash or by card directly on the day of the visit at the reception of Malkia Guesthouse (not on invoice).

Contact us about visiting the park